Monday, May 24, 2010

One Spring's Playlist

As the curse with all record collectors/music addicts, there are times where certain artists, genres, songs, albums, random and/or incongruous bits of stranger sounds: become an all-encompassing fixation. If you were a neighbor of our small family during the past months, and you listened closely (which believe me, none of our neighbors would did), you were delighted by the sounds of early 70s America. Good old country influenced folk flavored rock. Just the groove needed during the crisp months of the outer Sunset, when the ladies commonly remark on HOW GOOD THE WEATHER REALLY IS near the ocean and the dog areas of Golden Gate Park glisten sun drenched trees until late in the day, smelling of nature aromating as it bakes in the light.

My soundtrack was clear (in no particular order):

1. One In A Hundred (Gene Clark)
2. The Virgin (Gene Clark)
3. Lover Of The Bayou (Byrds, live)
4. Just A Season (The Byrds)
5. Release (Michael Nesmith)
6. Three-Quarters Blind Eyes (Plush)
7. When A Woman Calls My Name (Miracle Workers)
8. Horses (Palace Songs)
9. North Cumberland Blues (Jerry Jeff Walker)
10. Nobody (Bill Cowsill)

A very special thanks to Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz for providing a truly epic record buying experience that helped kick this off.


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